Harvest Is Underway at Six Strings Winery

Things are getting crazy at the winery as the 2007 harvest is in full swing. The first fruit to come in this year was our Pinot Noir from Santa Lucia Highlands. As we always do, we picked at night and got the fruit into the winery just as the sun was coming up over the mountains. The fruit looks great with small berries and clusters that are tightly bunched.

The very next morning we brought in the Chardonnay from the same vineyard. It was picked at the optimum ripeness and looks great. 2007 was an incredible year in the Santa Lucia Highlands due to the very mild weather and absence of heat spikes. We were able to leave the fruit on the vines much longer than in other growing areas and this bodes well for the development of some wonderful flavors in the wines.

Next up is our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley region of Sonoma. If all goes well with the weather this week, it looks like we will be picking the fruit in this vineyard early Saturday morning!